Since “Fatima Tahir”s inception, the brand has gained recognition for its unparalleled vision, infinite creativity and an inimitable interpretation of luxury lifestyle for all. These key elements are the attractions in making Fatima Tahir”s collection, eagerly awaited by FT’s aficionados, every season, every year.




Fatima & Marium conceived “Fatima Tahir” from a mutual passion for fashionable costumes and the creative process, and its significance in our lives as wearable art.

As a creative team, Fatima and Marium bring a well-traveled, multi-cultural worldview with an appreciation for the past grounded in the present.

It was 2009, when both sisters were encouraged to produce a clothing line by combining the lush palette of nature and the sensual beauty of the female form with a dash of joie de vivre, and the result was a brand that fires the senses and is a joy to wear. The result inspired a growing private clientele that three years later gave way to “Fatima Tahir”. Now nurturing the “Fatima Tahir” vision operationally, Marium’s forward-looking approach encourages the brand to explore, innovate, and inspire individual expression that is effortless to embrace.

While on the other hand, it’s Fatima who celebrates creative designs in fashionable but functional attires that are accessible to all, well-bespoked and exciting to the senses.

Core to “Fatima Tahir” is a vision of design that is inexpensive yet luxurious, simple yet sophisticated, universal yet distinct, and always evolving. “Fatima Tahir” views clothes as personal works of art that are intimately part of our skin and intricately spun in the yarn of our lives.

Fatima Tahir’s approach is rooted in a pursuit to always be fresh, innovative and avant-garde while balanced with timeless quality.


Attentive to detail, the Fatima Tahir experience translates luxury with significance, style and stir. From first meeting to final packaging, presentation through the creative process Fatima Tahir envelops its patrons in a journey that celebrates beauty, art and luxury. Care is given that every facet of the encounter indulges and delights.

So in essence You don’t shop at Fatima Tahir’s ; you experience the brand “Fatima Tahir”.